Sunday, January 13, 2008

Travel tales

I am on a 2 week US trip. It’s the middle of winter. Not a very good time to be here. Its Sunday and I am sitting in my hotel room with nothing better to do. So I am writing this travelogue to amuse my friends.

Day 1: Jan 11
5 of us headed out for the airport rather late and reached Mumbai at 11. Check-in immigration done, by around 12. NW 33 to Amsterdam was full. My co-passenger was on a al-cheapo itinerary to Carolina via Chicago. She had a 30 minute layover in Chicago and so as not to run around with a heavy bag, she checked-in all her baggage! God help her. NW33 landed at Amsterdam at around 6:30 am. It has rained and there was still no sign of the sun. I forgot my wallet and mobile phone in a security check tub but luckily got it back! Then I went ahead for boarding and suddenly remembered I had left my jacket at the waiting area of the gate. Phew! Luckily I got that back too. After that I was checking and re-checking all my belongings before the plane flew. NW59 took off about 9:30 am. The sun was just starting to come up.

Day 2: Jan 12
NW59 was half an hour late into Boston. We landed at about 11 am and were out of Logan in an hour. Contrary to what I was feeling, when I started from Mumbai, Saturday turned out be one of the warmer days. The sun was out shining. We rented a car, parked our stuff at the hotel and sync-ed up with folks from the Pune office who had arrived a week earlier. In the afternoon we headed out to Nashua to check out best buy and circuit city. One of the guys from the company has rented out a monster. It's a typical American guzzler with a v8, is probably twice as long as the hatch back I drive in Pune and seats 8. Nashua was good fun. After missing a turn and then taking the wrong road to our destination we finally reached there after a hour long drive. I was glued to the Wii, Xbox and ps3 consoles all the time. Every minute wisely spent. After that, OTB was our next stop. On The Borders is a Mexican cantina. It serves some very good food and margaritas.

Day 3: 13th Jan
Today is one of those typical winter days with the lowest being -3 Celsius. It’s cloudy and everything has a kind of gloomy feeling. As a result I have started to feel the GMT+5:30 effect. Maybe it’s the sleepish atmosphere. Hopefully the evening will have something better to offer. There's a snow forecast for tonight. Driving around should be fun tomorrow morning as we try to get into the office.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

breaking the silence

After more than a year, i am back to writing on this blog. 2k7 went by so fast. Moving to a start-up company, moving to a new home, brother's marriage. Work has been hectic, but i am enjoying it. A far better learning experience than my previous job.

So the in thing right now is the autoexpo. Indian automobile industry is growing at a phenomenal pace. 2k8 is going to be fun!
Catch all the action at

More to come...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shame on the news channels and us viewers....

Saw this link in my mailbox today morning. I was numb after reading through it.

Touching indeed.

Well….the new channels are all here to make money. Its all about TRP ratings. Covering Sanju baba’s news every single minute generates money for them because they get more ads every time they take a break. No commercial news channel is really concerned with what happens in the rest of the country as long as they have some happening news related to celebrities and have the viewers following it religiously (I bet they even had a sms campaign named ‘Kya Bhai hai sanju baba’ or some such crap. And the mobile service providers charged exorbitantly for each sms sent to them.. And then they pick a lucky winner who gets an all expenses paid trip to meet Sanju baba and his ak47). Its sad but it’s the reality and we as viewers are equally responsible

Salute to the major for his bravery, so that we can track minute to minute celebrity news in the comfort of our homes…

Monday, November 27, 2006

nikon d50

I got one from my trip to Boston last month. Fortunately, both the lenses : a Nikkor AF 28-80 and a Nikkor 50mm, from my bro's nikon n60 fit just fine on it. The d50 is a nice piece of hardware to have, albeit a bit expensive. But the kind of results you get make it all worthwhile.
On my way back from Boston, my flight got delayed by 2 hours. That translated into a missed connection to Mumbai. So they put me on a Swissair flight to Mumbai via Zurich. Zurich airport felt pretty small compared to Schipol, Amsterdam (b.t.w did i mention that the North-west flight to Boston really sucks big time ! You are stuck at Schipol for 8 hours flat and they don't give visa on arrival to Indians. There is so much to do in downtown Amsterdam you know...;-) At the end of it you start feeling like Tom Hanks in The Terminal...).
But I was in for a big surprise after we took of from Zurich. The Swiss Alps ! It was about 9:00 in the morning and the weather was perfect for giving the d50 a good exercise. Eventually, I clicked a lot of snaps during the rest of the flight.

The end result was this.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nothing much to write really

Nothing much to write really. This looks like the bad patch for my blogging. I don't feel motivated to write anything really.... A sort of laziness has crept in, but I will get out of it some day and start again...

Monday, August 07, 2006

I go to a new place to work !

I left Persistent last month. I now work with Bladelogic India.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

almost a month

Its been a month almost since i wrote. Have been busy studying and interviewing with companies. Hopefully, I should be free by next month and start on with a new job by this August...